Samstag, 19. November 2016

Waning light

It's dark outside and getting darker every day. Officially the sun will go down (and stay there for about two months) only next weekend, but our house is located in a valley with a mountain to the south, which means that the last time I saw the sun from the kitchen window was already a few weeks ago.

To counteract the darkness outside we stocked up on candles and I am trying to wrap my head around vitamin D, lumen, and where to get a daylight lamp. And, after more than two years (WTF?!), I finally got my dyepot out again. Woohoo!

This blend of 70% BFL and 30% silk seems to be one of my staple bases, I have used it a lot in the past and still like it. The colours are also very "me", I thought that since I became a bit rusty, it would be nice to start out with an easy colour combo that I knew would work.

These two came out of the same pot, but the bases are different and so are the results. The Polwarth/Tencel/Seacell blend (50/25/25) in the top picture came out much darker than the BFL/Bamboo blend (50/50) below, but I like them both. Looks a bit like burnt candy.

And, because I could not help myself, a (slightly messy) gradient. The base is 50% Shetland with 20% Silk and 20% Tencel. The wool was not entirely white, but a mixture of white and grey, toning the colours down somewhat. The silk adds a bit of shiny-ness, and white streaks come from the Tencel (a cellulose fiber that is not touched by the acid dyes).

I added the braids to my Ravelry stash and they will go up for sale soon. I also got myself an Instagram Account and a Facebook page. And, to add to the good news, it finally started snowing. Yippieh!


  1. Du färbst immer so schöne Kammzüge! <3

    1. Dankeschön :) Ich bin echt ein bisschen aus der Übung, aber so langsam kommt es wieder.

  2. Es freut mich sehr, endlich wieder von deinen Färbereien zu lesen. :)

  3. Oh was für schöne Farben auf deinen Kammzügen. Und ich stelle mir gerade vor, wie es wohl ist, wenn die sonne so viele Wochen gar nicht aufgeht - die trüben Tage die wir hier gerade haben finde ich ja ganz gemütlich - keine Ahnung wie es mir ginge, wenn das so lange anhält wie bei euch. Komm gut durch die dunkle Zeit! Viele Grüße, Christine


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