Freitag, 3. Februar 2017

En Genser for Edel

Sometimes the man and one of his colleagues have work meetings in our living room, which happens to also be the room where I keep my crafty stuff. One day said colleague came over to my desk and began patting some wool I had hung from a shelf to dry. She liked what she saw and we began to chat about knitting and other fiber-related things. Is that... yes, that sweater is handknit. And the... yes, the shawl also. The socks, too, but they were a present from my mother. She told me she loves to wear wool during the winter, but her knitting is a bit slow and she does not have the confidence to try complicated patterns, so she mostly sticks to scarfs and cowls.

After that she went back to her meeting, but apparently it worked inside of her. A few days ago when the man was on the phone scheduling a new livingroom-meeting, I overheard that she asked him if there was possibly any chance that only if she has the time! his girlfriend (that's me) would just maybe be willing to ofcourseIwillpayher knit a sweater for her?

Well... yes, I'd love to!

So we got together, she explained to me what she wanted and what was important to her, I made some suggestions and then we rummaged through Ravelry to find the perfect Marius-genser (told you, he's everywhere!).

Today we went to town (literally) and got the pattern and yarn.

Both are by Sandnes, a brand that is very popular in Norway. You can buy the pattern in Norwegian from their website or in English from SKD yarns. The yarn is called Sisu and consists of 80% superwash wool plus 20% nylon. It's relatively thin, considered that I will knit a full sweater for an adult, but it has a great texture and is nice to work with.

Colourwise we went for three shades of blue instead of the classic Norwegian blue, red and white. Dark blue for the body, light blue for the Marius-mønster and a heathered medium blue for the neckline.

It does not happen very often that I decide to knit something just as the pattern suggests, in the yarn that the pattern suggests. Normally I don't care much about gauge and make adjustments as I go, by now I would not even bother to buy a pattern for this kind of sweater anymore. But this one is not for me and the recipient's size and body type is very different from mine, so I have to stick to the plan to make sure it actually fits her (and not me).

On to swatching!


  1. Respekt - nen Pulli für jemanden anderen zu stricken :D. Aber du bist ja auch viel schneller als ich ;). Wird bestimmt schön werden.

    1. Ach, ich habe auch schon rote Lacetücher für andere Leute gestrickt... :D (und es hat voll Spaß gemacht)


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