Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

söt barnslig to hell

There will be a bit English today. But even if you do not understand English, the pictures will speak for themselves.

You know, I was at IKEA on monday, the place where a lot of useless things become really necessary just because they are sooo cheap and sooo cute. Well, normally, I am kind of metal girly, black shirt, black boots, black bed sheet. Crazy enough I bought this:

Ok, at least I can explain that. It is pink, and Johanna likes pink things, and it is a hippo, and it was 50 cent or even less, so, why not.

But the next picture will show something which I cannot explain, even with very hard trying:

It is a little scarf. A pink scarf. I knitted a pink scarf for the pink hippo. Remember, metal girl, dark and evil. I even made little fringes.

Seems that my behaviour is going a bit Benjamin Button-like. Starts with astronomy and philosophy in early childhood and comes down to knitting clothes for toys. This is not crazy, this is frightening. Johanna is going to love it ;)

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